Finest Kind


The Finest Kind

Captain David Hudson’s  Finest Kind is a Tournament Equipped Classic 37 foot Merritt, Fast and comfortable.  Equipped with live bait wells.  We fish with live bait,  dead bait,  strip bait and lures.  Whatever will work in a given situation on a given day.  Finest Kind is Tournament equipped with Gold Shimano Tiagra 2 speed reels and Penn International reels,  from the light,  to the big 130’s.

Finest Kind  is a 37’ Merritt built in 1964 by Buddy Merritt himself.  He called the 37 “THE PERFECT FISHING BOAT” and built her with one purpose in mind… to catch and raise fish.  Since hull number 12 was launched she has been meticulously restored and repowered with twin 350 hp Yanmar Diesels giving her a 24 knot cruising speed.

Hosting up to six anglers,  Finest Kind  is the Queen of the fleet.  Set up in the classic day boat style,  that means plenty of comfortable seating in the shade but not out of the action.  Finest Kind ’s open teak cockpit and clean wake make her truly a “World Class” fishing machine.  Her ability to back down at high speeds and spin on a dime make catching doubles,  triples and quads seem easy.  The combination of it all makes her the ultimate marlin fishing boat!

The Finest Kind was the top boat in 2010 with six Ahi (tuna) over 100 pounds, totaling 790.4 pounds.  It weighed the largest of the year at 164.3 pounds, along with a 158.3 (the third largest) with Co-Capt. Chad Leonillo and crewman Jimmy Francis.

The Finest Kind is fully equipped for a full day of fishing including ice, cooler,  bait & tackle,  You provide your own food and beverages.

To our future and return Anglers:

Due to our desire to “PERSONALLY” assist you!  This is a Contact Request Only.  We will contact you promptly via email or telephone (your choice),  before booking / charging your charter.

Please note:  Private Charters have flexible departure times.  Shared charter usually depart 5 am.

Mahalo for your interest in Finest Kind Sportfishing! We look forward to fishing with you!

Private Charter Rates:

  • 2-hour private $675
  • 4-hour private $800
  • 6-hour private $1300
  • 8-hour private $1500
  • 10-hour private $1800

Share rates:

  • 4-hour share $200
  • 6-hour share $250
  • 8-hour share is $350

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